Aggressive Dog harmful for human beings!! Be careful!!


There are different types of dog. One of them is a bulldog. This is basically known as the English bulldog or you can say British bulldog, the size is medium. They are pretty known for their aggressive nature. English bulldog can be aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. English bulldog is good pets. They are gentle; dependable which is good for making great family pets. They also involve with people compared to another dog. Bulldogs are costly to buy. If you trained your dog to behave and not to bite anyone then it’s good for them. You can train your dog in any training center or with your own.

Health Issues

Bulldogs suffer from dozens of health-related problems. This type of dogs is very special who need lots of attention and care. Some are as follow:-

  • Overheating- This type of dogs are indoor dogs and cannot be left outside for long. They do not tolerate more resistance to heat. This dog does not even tolerate long distance to walk.
  • Dry skin- Skin problems in bulldogs are common issue found in them. This happens because of hair loss, some have a seasonal problem and so on.
  • Cherry eye- This type of eye disease is mostly found in young dogs under the age of two. Cherry eye is called the third eyelid which presents in the eyes of dogs.
  • Dermatitis –You can easily identify skin fold dermatitis by their hairless, reddened, bad smell areas of folded skin.
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia- It means malformation of the hip and elbow joints. To avoid this type of health issue you keep your dog in a healthy weight.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise is good for health even though its animals or human being. Dogs require exercises to fit and healthy. But here in the case of bulldogs exercise is not require too much. The twice-daily walk is sufficient for them. Some of the dogs love to going outside and explore. The owner of the dogs taking extra attention and care to them. These dogs must be kept indoor only. This happens because of heat exhaustion, whether unattended. Bulldogs require a cool and calm climate.

Extra Attention

Some dogs need an extra attention and Bulldogs are one of them. They have lots of food allergies which may cause wrong diet obesity, skin rashes, stomach aches etc. Due to aggressive in nature, some people don’t like this type of dogs. They are not suitable for extreme hot and cold climate. They like to learn from training a lot. They are eager to learn new things. They always prefer a relaxed life. They are indoor dogs. Though they don’t like hot climate one should keep them in the air conditioner room. They should be provided with fresh water to live.


This dog is sometimes lazy. Due to laziness character this dog delay to do exercise on time. But this attitude of dog can lead them health problems. They can’t survive in cold weather. They are a house pet and always love to stay at home.