Bulldogs in today’s world

American Kennel Club hosted Bulldog National Specialty day in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the end of October 2018. Plenty of well-trained and agile bulldogs graced with their presence. Bulldog is often dubbed as English bulldog or British Bulldog. It is one of the ancestors of French bulldog, but they are two different breeds.

Bulldogs cannot be written off English culture. In England, it is considered as a national icon. Churchill admired their defiance of Nazi Germany. It shares its Molossus blood with Boxer dogs, English Mastiff, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, etc… They are fourth most popular dog breed in U.S.

Bulldogs were originally bred for bear baiting. Such menacing looks are still retained to this day. However, today it is revered for its loving nature and ability to co-exist with other pets. They make perfect companion dogs and they love companionship. Bull dog is loving and affectionate. Their owners would appreciate their even temperament. The dogs long to please their owners.

Bulldogs are tenacious and confident. They often run into situations where other breeds would look for owner’s guidance. But bulldogs handle such situations on their own. They are known for their pluck and determination. Strong head and tight rear makes them headstrong.

Everything about these dogs is man-made. It is not a naturally given shape for dogs. They indeed look cute and funny. They make funny expressions and funny sounds. This is a dog, which can make you smile by just looking at it. They are lovable for everyone today.

Nevertheless, they were once a fierce breed. They were so fierce that, they were banned in Rome. Their name was earned in 13th century England by bringing down bulls. They got such power behind the muscles. When they desire something, they knock everything in the way.

By 1835, they almost went extinct after bull baiting was outlawed. Some loyal breeders rescued them afterwards. They bred for dogs, with temperament that suits the companion tag. Their undershot jaw and loose skin once helped them in fights. It’s a tough dog with stocky looks.

Typically, bulldogs are 12-16” tall and weighs in the range of 40-50 lbs. It boasts a short, straight and fine coat. Ideally, the skin is soft and loose. They are looser around head, neck and shoulders. It transcends to heavy wrinkles in the face. The coat comes in a variety of colors – red brindle, brindle, white, fawn, red & white, brindle & white, fawn & white and piebald.

Bulldogs fall into non-sporting group like Poodle, Shiba Inu, Dalmatian, etc… They can live up to 10 years. These are heavy dogs, in ratio with their size. They are prone to get overweight. It mandates constantly checking the calorie consumption.

They can’t be left out in the sun for long times, since they get overheated. Bulldogs often get overexcited and breathe too hard. Bulldog coats need to be brushed every week. The facial wrinkles have to be cleaned daily. Because of their sensitive skins, they are prone to allergies. Finding a vet who knows bulldogs well is important.